Top 10 trends for digital transformation in 2018

Top 10 trends for digital transformation in 2018

We wanted to share this insightful piece written by Daniel Newman on the Top 10 trends for digital transformation in 2018.

From our perspective, the ‘ones to watch’ are:

  • Edge computing
    Wikipedia defines Edge Computing as “pushing the frontier of computing applications, data, and services away from centralized nodes to the logical extremes of a network. It enables analytics and data gathering to occur at the source of the data. This approach requires leveraging resources that may not be continuously connected to a network such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and sensors.”
  • Blockchain
    Blockchain is essentially a immutable distributed ledger that is used to recorded transactions.If you keen to find out more about Blockchain and its applications some good starting resources are:- Blockgeeks – a step by step guide for beginners
    Coindesk – for latest updates about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
    Blockemy – an academy for online training

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